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Travel with experienced and caring guides to see one of the most successful spiritual healers of modern times. Essential for first-time travellers to 'The Casa' and highly recommended for those returning, travelling with a Casa Guide minimises the stress of travel and protocols maximising your time and energy for the spiritual work.

Adriana and Nathan

Having recovered from cancer whilst visiting John of God and receiving a spiritual awakening, Adriana and Nathan are the perfect guides to one of the world's most successful spiritual mediums.

Lost in Buenos Aires is not the usual way people meet their soul flame – but Adriana and Nathan’s life journey has been anything but usual.

Three years earlier, Adriana had travelled from Sydney to Brazil in the hope of recovering from a severe form of cancer. Dr Augusto de Almeida, working through medium Joao de Deus, declared Adriana ‘free of the spider’ – a metaphor he uses to describe cancer. Joao de Deus asked Adriana to share her story with the mediums in the current room and was invited to return home to help others on their journey to the Casa, and to 'work with her hands'. Adriana has become an established and reputable Casa guide and Intuitive in Australia.

During the same period, Nathan had transformed from a Music teacher to a primary caregiver. Inspired to search for hope in a friends fight against cancer, Nathan began developing his intuition and in the process discovered the healing work of Joao de Deus. Nathan fulfilled a vision and recounts numerous deja vu experiences on his initial visit to the Casa – a place he calls his second home.


In 2005, Adriana and Nathan literally bumped into each other at Buenos Aires airport. A year later, they met by chance when Joao de Deus visited New Zealand – blessed by the benevolent spirits, she decided to keep him.

Although Adriana and Nathan have been adversely affected by cancer, it was the stimulus that inspired them to search for their purpose in the world and to connect with source energy.

Official Casa Guides since 2001, Adriana speaks Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English making your spiritual journey a reality. 

The Healer

Unable to read or write, John of God performs invisible and physically impossible operations helping people around the globe overcome illness, pain and suffering.

Using nothing but blessed water and passiflora herbs, John of God demonstrates what can be achieved through the power of faith, love and charity.

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Our Commitment

You can trust that your spiritual healing needs are treated with integrity, compassion and privacy. We facilitate Crystal Light Bed sessions following the protocol by John of God and provide a safe inclusive environment on guided tours to Brazil. John of God Guide operates on the premise of Faith, Love and Charity.


"From the moment I saw Adriana's photo I knew she was the one. I would never have believed I would be on a plane to Brazil a short time later. Once we had spoken I knew there couldn't be a better person to walk me through this journey than someone who had themselves been healed of cancer. It was an unbelievable experience for me, full of events that changed my life forever. Adriana played a significant role in helping me understand the Casa. I will always treasure my personal experience at the Casa and hold it close to my heart. Adriana is warm, loving and understands well the delicate inner workings there. If you are contemplating a trip to John of God I encourage you to take the leap. You will be forever grateful. Thank you Adriana for everything."

                                                                                                                                                                            -- Sue C. VIC