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Crystal Light Bed

The Crystal Light Bed is an effective treatment for energy clearing, balancing the chakras and aligning the energetic bodies.

7 vogel-cut quartz crystals are aligned above the main energy centres of the body. Coupled with coloured light, the recipient simply relaxes and absorbs the energy.

An invigorating experience that will leave you completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Recommended and endorsed by John of God.

Medical Intuitive

In 2001 Adriana was cleared from cancer whilst in Brazil - much to the amazement of the medical fraternity in Sydney. She returned home with a new lease on life and a passion to help others on their road to health and wellness.

Whilst at the Casa, Adriana was told that not only was she free from cancer, but was to start working with her hands and help others travel to see John of God. She has since been working as a renown intuitive who is able to transmit a tangible energy to assist in physical, mental and emotional recovery, wherever you are. Long-Distance sessions available.

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Our Commitment

You can trust that your spiritual healing needs are treated with integrity, compassion and privacy. We facilitate Crystal Light Bed sessions following the protocol by John of God and provide a safe inclusive environment on guided tours to Brazil. John of God Guide operates on the premise of Faith, Love and Charity.


"From the moment I saw Adriana's photo I knew she was the one. I would never have believed I would be on a plane to Brazil a short time later. Once we had spoken I knew there couldn't be a better person to walk me through this journey than someone who had themselves been healed of cancer. It was an unbelievable experience for me, full of events that changed my life forever. Adriana played a significant role in helping me understand the Casa. I will always treasure my personal experience at the Casa and hold it close to my heart. Adriana is warm, loving and understands well the delicate inner workings there. If you are contemplating a trip to John of God I encourage you to take the leap. You will be forever grateful. Thank you Adriana for everything."

                                                                                                                                                                            -- Sue C. VIC

"I was at your presentation last night when you spoke about your healing with John of God. In the circle you put your hand on my shoulder and the strong chronic pain I had there has gone. I visited John of God 4 years ago and it was nice to have their presence again. I just wanted to say thank you." -- Susan, Qld

"To be so hands on and there for all the people in their group is a true testament to these angels. I am looking forward to my next journey to the Casa and I highly recommend Adriana and Nathan as Casa guides. Without their love and guidance I could not have made the journey alone. They are true blessings! " -- Alycia L, Coomera

"They are both exceptional people and wonderful compassionate guides who truly work with absolute devotion to service and the well-being of their clients at heart...I believe that one of the reasons that Adriana and Nathan’s groups are so special and that the healings within the groups are so profound, is because they work at this very high level. "  -- J. T.   Avalon